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The Multipurpose Illustrated Wedding Seating Plan is a beautifully customised, double-sided sign that serves dual functions for your wedding. On the front, it features your wedding welcome text and a lovely customisable illustration in the corner, adding a personalised touch to your seating arrangements. On the back, the sign showcases a custom wedding illustration, creating minimal waste and allowing you to keep the sign as a keepsake for life. Choose from A2, A1 or A0 and printed on an eco friendly recyclable board or foamex sign. This versatile sign not only adds an elegant touch to your wedding decorations but also provides a practical solution for directing your guests to their seats. Hang it up and let it serve as a beautiful keepsake of your special day for years to come.

Multipurpose Illustrated Wedding Seating Plan

  • Available in A2, A1 and A0, these illustrated wedding seating plans are not only multipurpose and eco-friendly, they are bespoke and one of a kind. Choose from one of 3 boards and with lamination for a protective finish. Customise your artwork even further by allowing us to illustrate a background of your choice to match your wedding theme. 

    3mm Recyclable Board: 100% fibre-based, this wood pulp board is a great recyclable alternative to plastic materials. It has an off-white core, with a bright white surface on both sides for a vibrant print finish.

    3mm Foamex: Made of PVC foam board, Foamex's rigid structure is perfect for temporary and permanent displays. Able to be laminated, it'll keep artwork vibrant for as long as you need.

    5mm Foamex: Slightly thicker than the 3mm version, the rigid structure of Foamex can stand up for both temporary and permanent displays. To make it last a lifetime, finished with a protective lamination.

    Matt Lamination: Protects your print while giving a subtle and soft finish.

    Gloss Lamination: Offers a high shine that enhances illustrations.

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