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The NHS in 70 Years - The LSC Health Project

I got my 1st class degree in BA Hons Animation in the summer of 2018. I learnt so much during my university years. When I started in 2015, I didn't know how to animate... how on earth did I graduate with a first class degree and an Arts Award?

There was one thing I realised though... no matter what you graduate with, if you don't secure a job in your field, it doesn't feel like you achieved much. I think it's wrong that we let ourselves believe we are only successful when we have a big job in our field and are making a 6 figure salary.

I left university with no job lined up (you can read more about that in my blog: Pursuing Your Dreams as a Creative). But I remember one day at our arts show, a number of university employees came to the animation studio to view our work. They absolutely loved my final year film Skin Deep. One employee in particular took my details and told me he will be in touch as he wants to work with me on a similar animation style.

I had never created a short film for anyone but myself, so the thought of creating something for a paying business was quite daunting to be honest! But he spoke me through the concept and I was happy to give it my best shot.

In July 2018, primary school students from schools in Lancashire and Cumbria took part in the Digital Healthy Schools event at the University of Central Lancashire. The assignment was to reimagine what the students believed the NHS would look like in 70 years. I love how imaginative children are, they came up with some amazing ideas which the NHS would actually benefit from in 70 years. I recorded the children's ideas about what the NHS might look like in 70 years' time along with footage of them engaging with equipment, and tried to bring them to life in this animation.



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