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Exploring Unique Wedding Venues: Making Your Celebration Truly Memorable

Selecting the perfect wedding venue is a crucial step in creating an unforgettable celebration. While traditional options like hotels and manors are popular choices, there is a world of unique venues that can inspire creativity and add a touch of personalisation to your special day. In this blog, we will explore various wedding venue options, including unconventional ones.

Not all of these venues will be registered/licensed or will allow you to host your ceremony there. When picking your perfect venue, make sure to take your ceremony into account. If it's not registered, you may need to think of having going to the registry office beforehand.

Remember, it's not about the venue, it's about how you personalise it. In this blog we will also highlight how you can enhance and personalise these spaces with beautiful decoration and bespoke personalised illustrated art from Creative Banter Art (

1. Elegant Hotels and Manors

Hotels and resorts offer convenience and luxury, making them a popular choice for weddings. They provide well-equipped event spaces, professional staff, and often include accommodation for guests. As they host weddings they typically have suppliers that you can use for the decoration and possibly other wedding vendors. Hotels and Manors usually have in house caterers for you to use, but some will allow you to hire your own caterers. Many of these venues can host a ceremony and reception.

2. Rustic Barns and Farmhouses

For a charming and romantic atmosphere, rustic barns and farmhouses are ideal wedding venues. These venues exude a sense of country elegance and offer picturesque backdrops in nature for your ceremony and reception.

For a touch of elegance, you can personalise the space with bespoke illustrated guest books, menu's, welcome signs and seating plans from Creative Banter Art. This custom-designed signage and stationery adds a whimsical touch to the rustic surroundings.

3. Garden celebrations

Hosting your wedding in a back garden or outdoor space allows for a more intimate and personalised setting. These venues offer a sense of familiarity and can be transformed into enchanting spaces with a little help. If you or a relative has a spacious back garden, this may be a great option. If there is enough space, setting up a marquee is a great way to ensure the weather doesn't ruin your beautiful set up. Back garden weddings may sound basic but they can look stunning whilst bringing the chilled vibes! You can even have a chill out area with sofas and cushions.

4. Restaurants and Pubs

If you are a proper foodie, you may consider having your reception at a local restaurant. On the bright side, this feels like an intimate dinner party. You can pay for your guests meals and have. a set menu, or guests can order for themselves. Some restaurants will allow you to hire the whole place for the reception, some may just have function rooms. You may find that some pubs are licensed to hold a ceremony, this a cool way to host a laid back wedding. You may need to cut down your guest list if it is large and you are considering this as an option, but this is a very quirky way to have an unconventional reception.

5. Community, Village and Church Halls

Community halls may not be the fanciest choice, but they are definitely may be