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  • How do I send my photo to be illustrated?
    Once you have checked out and purchased the product you want, please email with your photograph. Please ensure that the photograph is high resolution. If your photograph is blurry or poor quality, the accuracy of the illustration will not always be identical.
  • What kind of photo should I use?
    Your favourite photo will always look great as an illustration. We suggest choosing a photo that you love and that brings happy memories.
  • I don't see the item that I was looking for, can I contact you separately?
    Yes, of course. Please contact me via email for any special requests such as large family portraits or specific colours. I am happy to give a quote for the price or to talk about the artwork that you would like.
  • My phone is not common, can I still buy a phone case?
    Unfortunately not every case is supplied with our printing companies but we will do our best to source out the phone case that you need. If we are unable to print your case, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know. You will be able to claim a full refund or if possible, a case made from different material. For some unique cases, this may cost extra.
  • How long will my product take to get here?
    To get your photo illustrated, it can take up to a week as we can be quite busy. However we can have your illustration done and your order processed within 2- 3 days. So if your order is urgent, please inform us in the notes at the checkout. As we are not in control of the shipping, we cannot give a definite answer. However we aim for our UK parcels to arrive within 3 days, and our European parcels to arrive within 6 - 8 working days and 10 - 12 working days Internationally. *please note we will not work on any orders during Sabbath hours (sunset Friday to sunset Saturday)
  • Why was my design refused?
    We would like to stay true to our beliefs and morals. If we have refused to illustrate your photograph or rejected your choice of text, it is because we felt it was innappropriate for us to take on as a job. We apologise for any inconvience.


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